Monday, October 26, 2009

Brooding on a Sunny Day...

I`ve complained about this in just about every other way by now (including Facebook) so I figured I should do so on my blog, as well... the summer is just not going away and I have a big fat bone to pick with it!!

I am not someone who dislikes the summer. I like it, in fact under normal circumstances I love it, but this year it has only made venturing outside of my home for even five minutes an ordeal. Every miniscule step outside means returning home only to peel off your one layer of clothing as though it were a fur coat. By this time it is officially way into fall in both Israel and New York (my previous "home-country") and getting hot as hell as summer approaches South Africa (my pre-previous "home-country".) The thing is, it has already snowed in New York, and air conditioning has been abolished months ago and replaced by soft couch throws in "every colour imaginable" (which my generous sister insists on getting for us.) Even the fall by now is so last year, as New Yorkers test out their new snow tires and dig out their heavy coats. So, how is it that I am still sitting here in my apartment in Israel, in the double-heat of Nine Months and The Summer That Just Won`t Quit??

Months ago, I bought my baby`s first outfit for when we leave the hospital - a tiny little flannel ensemble - to be accompanied by a snuggly-soft, cocoon-like blanket called a BundleMe (again, from my generous sis abroad), and a fleece hat. For me, I got fluffy slippers and a warm hospital gown. But now, I`m wondering if I should pack myself a T-Shirt instead, and one of the baby`s surf-up onesies (again, from my wonderful sis)...?

It makes me laugh at myself, this whole issue. The whole of last winter, in our tiny Jerusalem basement apartment, we kvetched and kvetched about the lack of heating, the insufficiency of our one radiator, the lack of hot water due to a faulty boiler (and a faulty landlord), and the fact that it was warmer outdoors than inside! But now, the humid climate of Petah Tikva has us (read, me) complaining once again. When we first moved here seven months ago, I couldn`t get over the brightness of the apartment, the warmth we had longed for in Jerusalem. It just goes to show, that too much of a good thing can make us.... well, a little ungrateful. I don`t mean to sound ungrateful. Maybe these are just the musings of a very pregnant lady with nothing better (meaning, worse) to do than kvetch about stupid things. Which is a blessing, and something to be ever so grateful for on this sunny day....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fast - IF

For this week`s topic of "Fast", I`ve picked one of my illustrations from the book I am collaborating on, "I Know He Plays in Heaven." I`m so excited because the actual illustrations are all done and I FINALLY found a print shop somewhere in Tel Aviv with a scanner larger than the standard A4 size and scanned everything, and now all that`s left are the final touch-ups and adding the text before uploading them to a self-publishing site.... Amazing what one can accomplish when there`s a deadline looming ahead (in this case, BABY!) and I feel a lot calmer now and ready to take it easy before the little one comes along...

So not only is our little boy character sprinting FAST over the grass in his attempts to take off to the heavens, but getting him out there has been one FAST and furious process!

Keep reading here for more information on the book and for more previews. I appreciate all comments!

Monday, October 5, 2009

IF - Germ

Germ: the initial stage in development or evolution, as a germ cell or ancestral form (

The Jewish High Holidays have come and gone, ushering in the Jewish New Year, and with it, the good and the (apparently) bad... Several births and, unfortunately, quite a few deaths. Jewish tradition holds that everything in the coming year is determined during the High Holy Days, and it is frightening to imagine that everything that has happened within the past week - the miraculous births, and the shocking and sudden passings - was determined only two weeks ago... Our very consciousness for the past month has been enveloped by preparations for the beginning of the year, known to set the stage, to build the foundation, to germinate the "genes" of the coming year.
At the same time, birth has very much been on my mind for, oh, the past eight months, so this is a topic I am very much living all day, every day... May this year bring about only a bountiful goodness, and may we be blessed with the strength to deal with anything else that comes along.