Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IF - Infinite

"In our garden, the flowers bloom brightly from the ground. I pick a rose for my mommy. My best friend picks a lilac for her mommy."

"When I wake up in the morning, the carnations are gone. Grandpa must have picked those for his mommy, who is also in heaven."

These illustrations are from a book I am illustrating called (tentatively) "I Know He Plays in Heaven" by Renee Kosiarek, about a boy who fantasizes about his grandpa`s adventures in heaven, and how he interacts with him still, imagining his actions reflecting his own on earth. I picked these pages for the subject of "infinite," as the second page fades away into the unknown, denoting the idea of the afterlife as a continuation of life.

We are hoping to have the book out by November and it will be self-published and available on Amazon. Anyone interested can keep checking my blog for updates. (I will try to keep posting more excerpts.)
I`d appreciate all comments, from artist and non-artist alike!


thedoodlegirl said...

Absolutely beautiful message and illustration!

Mamzelle Rouge said...

Nice illo ! I love your idea...