Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IF - Infinite

"In our garden, the flowers bloom brightly from the ground. I pick a rose for my mommy. My best friend picks a lilac for her mommy."

"When I wake up in the morning, the carnations are gone. Grandpa must have picked those for his mommy, who is also in heaven."

These illustrations are from a book I am illustrating called (tentatively) "I Know He Plays in Heaven" by Renee Kosiarek, about a boy who fantasizes about his grandpa`s adventures in heaven, and how he interacts with him still, imagining his actions reflecting his own on earth. I picked these pages for the subject of "infinite," as the second page fades away into the unknown, denoting the idea of the afterlife as a continuation of life.

We are hoping to have the book out by November and it will be self-published and available on Amazon. Anyone interested can keep checking my blog for updates. (I will try to keep posting more excerpts.)
I`d appreciate all comments, from artist and non-artist alike!

Monday, September 14, 2009

IF - Welcome

This is a personal project I started a while ago... and only got back to now. Since I am looking to get into children`s books, but didn`t have much to show in that area besides for textbook illustration, I decided to do a series of illustrations based on the fairytale, "The Old Woman and the Wood". This is a fairytale I watched as a child (anyone remember the retro "Grimm Brothers Fairytales" series?)
In this scene, the damsel in distress is welcomed to sleep in a tree unlocked by her true-love-in-disguise, a white dove. I am looking forward to working on a few more scenes... when I have the time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You`re only as strong as your faith...

I don`t mean to sound pessimistic every time I speak about life in Israel, but the truth is that I find frustration to be a great motivator to draw, so you`re more likely to see a drawing or painting having to do with something initially negative, because that`s what gives me the push in the first place, and I try to make something positive out of it.

So here it is...

I am confounded by the "eat-your-heart-out" policy every institution in Israel seems to hold. If all goes well with your health insurance, it`s a dream. Not having to pay high insurance fees as they do in the States is definitely a plus to living in Israel. But if you are somehow misinformed, or don`t look into something closely enough (easily done when there`s a language barrier), there is practically no one to appeal to, no one to take responsibility and provide you with "the customer is always right" approach... no, it`s almost as if they stick out their tongues at you and say, "Sucker, how did you think we make money in the first place?" Sadly, I think it`s mostly us immigrants that get stuck being the sucker time and time again, until eventually we grow really hard hides and become bitter and whiny, pining for America as if it`s these small, stupid things like health insurance that really determine the quality of our lives. Israelis already know the ropes (I think).

On the other hand, Israel gives you a great opportunity to work on your Emuna - your faith. We were once almost charged for damage on a rental car that we most definitely had nothing to do with, but even in a situation where you know you have nothing to fear because it really isn`t your fault, you worry. Because you know that here, they can do whatever they want. We could have been mercilessly charged with no one to plead with. In cases like these, I`ve been jolted back to an awareness that there is really no one that can help me out of this.... except G-d. You realize, in a daze, that there is no one else to turn to. So I talk to Him, cry to Him, remembering that He alone runs the show (and not the people at Budget rental).

Pregnancy is another great reminder that absolutely nothing is in your control. You can eat right, sleep right, take all the right vitamins and all the right precautions... but the results are not determined by you, your doctor, or your midwife. You are made aware of that every time you experience a scare. For someone like me, who likes to feel in control, it`s a great wake-up call, and a great if not challenging way of living every day based on faith alone....