Thursday, August 13, 2009

IF - Impatience

Recently I`ve felt like things would never move ahead. So many pregnancy-and health-related issues, including general fatigue, have kept me at a low performance level, just when so many new and exciting things are happening. There`s nothing more depressing than having plenty of free time and no energy to do anything, especially for people like myself who view productivity as a raison d`etre. But atleast it has proven to me just how little control we have over what happens in our lives - this is something that we don`t always realize until we are physically out-of-whack, and something we should not take for granted for a single moment!
Thankfully, my energy is back and so is my spirit. I feel better than ever and enjoying my vibrating belly with refreshingly brand-new enthusiasm. Small blessings all around - my internet was down yesterday, which gave me a chance to stop distracting myself and get practical again - to which I owe the fact that I stopped pushing off this week`s illustration, and voila!