Monday, July 20, 2009

A Painting for Our Living Room!

Here are a few shots of my new painting in progress.... The theme is based on King David`s psalm: "A Song of Ascents, when G-d returns to Zion, we will have been like dreamers..."
This psalm is very meaningful to the Jewish people, as it speaks of the time of redemption, when all our worries and woes until now will appear to have been but a dream...
I refer to Jerusalem as a "city on fire," a spiritual nucleus baking in turmoil and intensity. My husband and I loved living there, but we did recognize it as a city of high tension, which makes it both special and difficult. "Change of place, change of luck" is a favourite Israeli saying, and we have to agree. There is a blessing in everything - we love our new, little green haven that is Petach Tikva (pictured in bottom-left of painting). Many more symbols to dwell on, but not until there is more progress.
Hope my colour pallette stays bright!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fashion Illustration on Ana and Ava

Ana and Ava`s website is finally up, and my fashion illustration is up there with it! This is not something I normally do, but it was fun regardless. (The headbands and hats are amazing and have been featured in the NY Post and other places.)
Check it out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Working from Home...

It`s difficult. When you are the master of your time it can be extremely difficult to manage wisely. Lately I`ve been thinking of getting a part-time office job, just to force myself to get out and have a more set schedule. Nonetheless, I am enjoying this time and trying to make the best of it. The apartments in Petach Tikva boast large windows so I have a fantastic view of everything around me, including other people`s apartments!
Am getting started on a ginormous canvas I plan on hanging in our living room... Will post pics of the work in progress.
Back to work!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh-so distracted...

I`m annoyed. I`ve been trying to be creative in more ways than one and not succeeding in any of them!
We`re having guests this weekend and I`ve been cooking an assortment of things while also trying to focus on some painting. Annoyingly, my Bundt cake flopped. (And I especially bought the pan and followed the recipe to the T!) I seemingly cannot seem to succeed in anything creative both in and out of the kitchen lately! Oy...
I have been reading a few very uplifting blogs lately which have inspired me to go back to the drawing board and create a few new portfolio pieces targeting the children`s market. One is by illustrator Stephanie Ruble. There`s also a forum I found helpful. Anyway, all these things have inspired me to do more sketching to help me get over this "illustrator`s block" (or "boulder", more like.) So here is a cartoon of me feeling frustrated because I have so much time to do whatever it is I need to do, and I still can`t focus on any one thing at a time, so I`m constantly thinking of other things I need to do while doing the things I need to do! (Now I`m cross-eyed...) One of the suggestions in the above-mentioned blog is to illustrate a fairy tale if you`re out of ideas, so here is my princess, all pregnant like me, illustrating, at the very least, that I really can`t put some things out of my mind...

Monday, July 6, 2009

IF - Shaky

Somewhat appropriate that this week`s topic for Illustration Friday is "Shaky". That`s how I`m feeling today - whatever achievements I`ve made in my artistic career, it still seems that all the effort has amounted to little, and that I`m perched shakily on a tiny foundation, and growing heavier with my dreams, ambitions and potential. I`m sure that everyone goes through this, and luckily I have my loved ones to fall back on for support if I should fall, but it can still be disheartening.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Inner Content

Joined Etsy and getting in touch with my inner world...