Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IF - Adapt

This week`s topic relates to me in more ways than one. My husband and I have had to leave our beloved Jerusalem so he can be closer to work. So we are now living in central Israel, in a city called Petach Tikva. We are lucky enough to claim that we have so far adapted pretty well to our new dwelling, appreciating the space and sunlight that isn`t as common in Jerusalem. Our hearts remain in Jerusalem, but we are happy enough with our situation.
In the bigger picture, though, I have reflected on my adaptation to life in Israel since I got here, almost three years ago. I have realized that I am just as much an "outsider" at mind than I was three years ago. Don`t get me wrong - my Hebrew has improved and I understand the mentality enough to get things done. I can pretty much pass off as pure Israeli. But I am still very much not, and not sure I even want to be. I am still stubbornly comparing the system here to the system in America - the post office, the bank, people`s attitudes, customer service (or lack thereof)...
To me it`s just a matter of adapting yourself as best as you can, while still retaining the parts of yourself that were formed in other places. Maybe it`s better to be more sensitive (sometimes).