Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Repair - IF

Healing means starting over, over on the remains of the past. The past lies beneath in ruins, but instead of denying it we build over it, renovating the old and integrating it with the new. Our past remains as part of the picture and builds up to what is present above it. This is my definition of repair.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coffee Bean on Yafo

Oh, why oh why do we succumb to 21-shekel drinks that only make us sick?? The success of this place is, in my humble opinion, due to the clean, protective environment it seems to offer its customers. Here, amid the hordes of American teenagers and students, with English books and newspapers sitting on the bookshelves, it`s almost as if you are back in good old consumerist America. It`s comforting to have that something familiar when Israel still has no reliable customer service or money-back at stores. At least you don`t feel so alone. And at least there`s a Starbucks-like ambience where you could just sit for hours at a time without worrying about a waiter coming over to hustle you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Year`s Resolution

The Jewish New Year has come, the latest stream of holidays is over, and once again I am inspired to break out my paints and brushes and get working, work like a maniac, quickly before it wears off! It`s been a while. Wedding bells are ringing and my fiance and I are running around town checking out apartments which we probably cannot afford and trying to wrap things up before it gets too late. Sadly, my best creative ideas have always come to me almost in a dream over the Sabbath and holidays, when I cannot write them down. But I am hoping to regain my inspiration and get started again.