Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Painted waterlilies yesterday at the Israel Museum, for a change. Way too often I find myself rushing through the day in an attempt to finish everything that I set out to do. Painting outdoors forces me to sit still and study something for much longer than I would normally do at any other time. I was amazed to discover a whole mini-world in this murky little pond, with flaming-red goldfish and a frog-prince tugging at the waterlily stems from below the surface. A waterlily opened to the sun before my eyes. The combination of soft pinks, greens and yellows was so soothing that I was immediately able to block out the surrounding view of staff on break, tourists and young children, although their presence was felt and heard and contributed to the overall atmosphere of nature`s startling beauty.

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123132 said...

You are sensitive to life ,at least you a real to life .One day you 'll be a most great artist of the world